Online Fashionista, Social Media Influencer, Award-Winning Artist, Advocate, Speaker, Gallerist, Youth Worker, Digital Painter, Traveller, Entrepreneur &
Founder & Executive Director of Bandaidfoundation

Riya Sharma creates beautiful artwork using Photography, paint, and digital elements. She has recently been listed as an internet sensation who is followed by an estimated 26% of Americans via Instagram.

Riya has become such a sensation on Instagram that a team monitors her movements there. In fact, for the past two years, she has been an influencer who has achieved global acclaim. Now ranked 25 in the country of Brazil, Riya boasts over 82,000 unique views and earns between $2,800 and $5,000 a month via her involvement with the platform.

Riya Sharma is Honored on 31st August 2018 by WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS UK for her contribution to Raise Awareness Through Photography. Riya Sharma is an internationally renowned travel photographer from India. Riya Sharma currently lives and works in Kalol, (N.G) Gujarat, India. She has her own Art Gallery in Kalol visited by many tourists, foreigners on a daily basis.

Miss Riya Sharma started a unique initiative in the year 2014 to set up an ART GALLERY in a slum to educate the underprivileged about various arts, artists and for recognizing innate talent.

Miss Sharma utilizes conservation photography which uses imagery to raise awareness for important issues. Often, these issues surround environmental damage, animal extinction, poverty, and more. With the ability to portray a wide range of subjects from expressionistic portraits to capturing spontaneous moments, Sharma’s photographs reflect the effects of everything from social injustice, inequality, famine, war, and human rights abuses to uplifting scenes of humanity, brotherhood, victory, love, and hope.

she has a collection of 200+ photographs which she clicked to raise awareness for many issues.

Ever since the inception of Miss Sharma's art gallery, the goal has been to inform & educate people about all forms of arts. Through her photographs, she has influenced the mindset of thousands of people and reached out to the underprivileged.

Through her displays & works, Miss Sharma has raised funds on many occasions to help & aid various charitable organizations.

Also, through her photographs, she has raised awareness on a number of issues like war, famine, social injustice, inequality & human rights abuse.

Miss Sharma considers social media to be an important factor in raising awareness & reaching out to people. She is a social media influencer and a speaker for several “art talk shows” broadcasted all over in the USA.

Riya Has 300,000+ Followers on Instagram and also is a verified celebrity on Facebook. She ranks 2nd in the list of Top 9 Travel Influencers of Ahmedabad.

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